General Questions

If any questions on the FAQ page do not sufficiently answer your question, please email, text or call us.

Yes, yes I do.

All of our standard racks (5, 6, and 7) have 10 inch spacing between each tire basket. The 3X and 5X have 15 inch spacing between tire baskets and the 412 has 12 inch spacing. The 5X is much wider than the regular 5 rack. Specific rack specs are found on each product page. See a video here for the differences between the 5 and 5X.

Your hitch must be at least 3 3/8" deep past the hitch pin hole of the hitch receiver. This will allow the VelociRAX hitch pin hole to line up with the receiver hole. If you have any specific questions about this, please email us.
* Note - 2022 and newer Subaru Outback and Crosstrek and Ford Ranger lack sufficient depth on the factory installed hitch receiver.

It should work on most vehicles but there are a few things to be aware of:

- Hitch depth: the depth of the hitch has to be at least 3 3/8 inches (86mm) past the hitch pin hole or the rack will not go all the way in.

- RVs/Travel Trailers: These vehicles can produce extreme forces on the rack with bikes on it. The rack will be fine, but to keep your bikes even more secure you can clamp the brake levers down with a rubber band or velcro strap to reduce bike motion.

- Truck tailgates: Most tailgates will not go all the way down even with the rack in the tilted position. The hitch adaptor allows the tailgate to lower all the way.

- Low profile vehicles: The VelociRAX will hang out away from the hitch several inches. Take big bumps and steep driveways at an angle.

- Hatchback cars (Including SUVs): All hatchbacks will open when the rack is in tilt position.

Most vans with barn doors will be able to open enough to get into the back of the van and get what is needed.

We don't recommend swingouts because generally a fully loaded rack will exceed the weight limits for the extended swingarm. In addition to this, swingarms usually don't have an anti-rattle system making your rack subject to wobble back and forth.

Typically, you load the largest (tallest head tube height) bike on the left continuing with the same sized or smaller bikes next to it, moving to the right. If bikes touch, the load order should be switched around until clearance is found between all bikes. With many different bike geometries available today, it's hard to prescribe the perect loading method for all situations. It will take a few minutes the first time, but loading will go quick as you get the hang of it.

Each bike slot's weight limit is 55lbs and the total bike weight limit is 230lbs for any rack. If your bike(s) exceed these weight requirements and a part is damaged because of this, your rack will not fall under warranty.

Not at this time. If you need more information about vehicle fit or other specific questions, contact us.

Yes, long wheelbase bikes usually sit about 3-4 inches above the very bottom of the hitch reciever depending on the bike.

Recumbent bikes have not worked on our rack thus far. We are working on ways to make this possible in the future.

Generally 20 inch tires work fine in the standard tire brackets with a small amount of padding inbetween the fork of the bike and the tire bracket just in case. We do have an option for 20 inch tire baskets. Typically we recommend these for higher end racing BMX bikes and 20 inch bikes with hydraulic forks. Email or call us if further clarification is needed.

Check out our Tech Tips or grab some general maintenance pointers here.

Purchases and Shipping

Typically it takes around 3-5 business days to get to where it needs to go. The day you order, it should go out the following morning.

The VelociRAX racks come in 3 boxes of variable sizes (seen in product description). The Tilt & Pivot rack comes in 1+ package(s) depending on the size and all accessories come in a single package.

Email us where you want it to be shipped and we can give you a quote.

We do not regularly run sales, but we do sponsor the NICA organization. Any NICA participants with a current and valid riders card or coaching license can send a copy in through email and we can give a discount code.

Returns and Warranty

We accept returns within 30 days and it is to be returned in its original packaging. If the package is being returned, please email us beforehand so we can be aware of its arrival.

Email us and we can assist with what is needed.

The warranty for any part that fails due to factory error is 2 years. Any parts that are damaged enough to be unusable due to user error are available for purchase. Please email us if you need any parts for your CURRENT VelociRAX.